What is WhatsDo?
WhatsDo is supported with a mathematical algorithm decision support for smartphones. WhatsDo is very well suited for reviews and comparisons.

What can I use WhatsDo?
WhatsDo supports all kinds of decisions, evaluations and comparisons in private and professional environments.

How do I apply WhatsDo?
1. I enter the variants under which I decide / which I would like to evaluate or compare.
2. I define the criteria that are important to me.
3. I enter how important the criteria are for me in comparison to each other.
4. I determine to what extent the individual variants meet the criteria.

What result provides WhatsDo?
As a result, you will receive a recommendation for the best possible decision. WhatsDo evaluates and compares different variants in the best possible way. The ranking of the variants is shown in the form of a diagram. In addition, it is shown how important the individual criteria are for you in comparison to each other.

How does WhatsDo work?
The algorithm determines the relative importance of the criteria among themselves. The ranking order of the variants is determined by linking both the relative importance of the criteria and the degree of fulfillment of the criteria by the individual variants with a mathematical algorithm.