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The 'WhatsDo' app needs to access your photos to save your 'decision results' to the gallery or share them with others. It will, as soon as you want to use this feature, asked in the app if you want to agree to this permission.


The app WhatsDo can be used without the specification of personal data. It is planned to synchronize the decisions of the respective user with a server. In order to realize this, appropriate personal data must be used. As soon as this feature comes as an update, this privacy policy will be adjusted.

What is personal data?

Personal data includes your name, email, phone number, address and so on.

Notifications about crashes from the App:

Each user has the option of consenting to Apple when setting up their mobile phone, the transmission of crash information. The data is stored for evaluation by Apple. No personal data will be transmitted.

Storage time

Once the 'WhatsDo' app is uninstalled, the stored data will be deleted from your device.

Adaptation of the privacy policy

We reserve the right to change or update the privacy policy at any time without prior notice.

Status of the privacy policy:

Last edit: 20.07.2018